Thursday, February 21, 2019

THE GIFT OF LOVE (2018) Winter Film Awards 2019

Bleak true story of a woman trying to care for her family and sick husband in North Korea who resorts to telling a lie when confronted about the source of her money, thus bringing tragedy on herself and the ones she loves.

This heavy melodrama that is milked for all it's worth was really not my cup of tea. I'm not particularly partial to incredibly sad tales and while I wasn't certain going in I suspected that this might be the case since it involved a lie and North Korea. Watching the situation spiral farther and farther out of control broke my heart and made me wonder why I was hanging in to the bitter end when I knew it wasn't going to be remotely happy.

Well made and well acted this is a film for those who don't mind being reminded how terrible the world is and how the little people will eventually be squashed.

THE GIFT OF LOVE played at the Winter Film Awards this past weekend. For those wanting to see it, it will be playing at the Queens World International Film Festival in March

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