Sunday, February 17, 2019

Winter Film Awards 2019: MAGNE, EBB TIDE and BACK TO BERLIN

The story of Magne a man with severe Brain damage who hos world was turned upside down when they discovered a way to allow him to write what he was thinking and feeling.

Very good short documentary about a man and his parents and how some people are not what we think they are.

A retired teacher decides to try and find the kids she taught 25 years earlier to see if her choice in life mattered. Deeply moving film about the paths we choose and the lives we touch and how we can make the difference.

Documentary that follows 11 bikers as they travel from Israel to Berlin carrying the flame for the opening ceremony of the 2015 European Maccabiah Games. Along the way they will make stops at locations to visit the locations from which their families came as well as places connected to the Holocaust.

Very good look at group of people connect the past present and future. It is a great time, and often sobering history lesson that manages to entertain and more importantly touch the heart.

Running a scant 75 minutes there were times where I wished the filmmakers had stayed a little longer with some of the stories we are being told. Still that's quibbling when what is here is so good.

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