Monday, February 18, 2019

To Tokyo (2018) Winter Film Awards 2019

Wrongly being billed as a horror film, this is more a philosophical journey as a woman who needs to go home for her mothers funeral has to get to Tokyo to make a flight in four days time, however she finds her self kidnapped and dumped in the desert and has to find her way home.

More a quest of a soul about needing to put the monsters in our lives to rest, TO TOKYO isn't really scary so much as meditative. With little in the way of dialog we have to piece things together on our own and deduce what is real and what is metaphor.

This is a film we have to be willing to work with if we are going to get anything out of it. If you aren't willing to work with it and work out some answers on your own you are going to find this hopelessly dull and boring. If you are willing to go with it odds are you will find something inside it.

While I liked the film, I wish it hadn't been labeled a horror film. There really are no scares nor chills, though it is incredibly moody and I absolutely love the opening bathtub sequence to death and think it maybe one of the best openings of any film in the last year.

Assuming you can go into the film and let it do what it is going to do without you're fighting it I recommend it.

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