Friday, February 1, 2019

Slamdance Short Takes: Spiral Farm and Users

Growing up on Spiral Farm, a commune hold over from the 1960's Anahita doesn't know a great deal about the outside world. When a young man Theo arrives sparks fly and he pushes her to follow her passion for dance. Good coming of age drama  hits all the right notes. While it doesn't break any new ground it still manages to be a nice little coming of age drama,

Two people are brought together by an online match making app. Things go very banana shaped.  Pondering how much we can or should say to each other one line as well as how the mix of personal isolation and on connectivity affects our behavior, USERS is a film that will get under your skin and make you wonder if looking for love is worth the potential scarring. This is an solid short film worth seeking out.

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