Thursday, May 18, 2017

Alien Uprising

Ship full of marines with one civilian are sent to a far off prison planet to find out what happened to the people on the planet and to stop the explosion of nuclear power plane which could destroy the interstellar jump gates.

Well written and decently acted scifi story is sunk by a no budget approach that results in too cheap sets and costumes (its cardboard and cast offs). To be certain the cast manages to sell the story as much as possible,but at the same time the sets and props are so poor that watching this is a tough haul. Honestly this looks like what I was doing back in my film-making salad days in high school. Personally I'm bothered that the budget for the film didn't exist because had there been some money, any money, this might have been the sort of film that ends up in a rotation on cable TV. As it stands now the film will only be seen by those who stumble upon it painfully unaware that their rental was more than the entire budget for the film. If you can be very very forgiving of the lack of money and want to see a space opera that could have been better I recommend the film. If you can't deal with card board sets and cut corners stay away.

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