Wednesday, May 10, 2017


This is a heads up on a film project you might want to consider backing. The project called CALCULATING EUPHORIA is being financed on IndeGoGo. The plot is described as:

Two best friends on a cross-country road trip challenge each other to think of The Best Horror Movie Ever. But by the time they get to Hollywood, nobody’s sure where the movie-in-a-movie ends and the terror begins. Help us make this brilliant homage to horror, Hollywood, and the power of YouTube.

The producers at Leomark are very high on the script and they told me that “5 actors play 14 roles in 3 timelines. A real challenge for both the cast and the director. It's gonna be fun!”

Join the fun and give some sheckles- there is less than a week left – for more information or to back the project go here.

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