Thursday, May 4, 2017

Steve takes on THE BOY DOWNSTAIRS Tribeca 2017

Budding writer Diana gets a deal on a new apartment only to discover that her ex, and love of her life lives below her.

Hitting every single solitary New York/Brooklyn romcom cliche THE BOY DOWNSTAIRS is an occasionally funny film that is painfully obvious  a first film. Borrowing from everyone from Woody Allen to Noah Baumbach the film strives to be hip abut leaves you wondering how in the hell can Diana afford all her stuff and the rent.

While the film has real moments (one scene in particular was something I lived) there are no characters to really make things work. Who are these people beside cliches?

Worse the script never fully connects things because the split time line story telling precludes us from ever knowing anyone enough to really care.

While the film has some laughs there aren't enough to make it worth actually paying to see this especislly at inflated festival prices.

A Tribeca miss.

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