Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Word on all the Animation First shorts I screened

At Animation First they are running a number of short film collections. I have done the Jean-François Laguionie shorts as a separate piece however what follows are brief word on all the films that were provided for review. The Cesar short collection runs Sunday afternoon while the Best f Annecy runs Friday. Tickets can be had here.

Cesar Shorts
A man’s life begins to mutate and change.
Stunning animated film (up for an Oscar) that is an allegory for the slide into dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is a true work of visual art and a hell of a good film.
It is one of this year's Oscar nominees.

Wow inducing film has an artist blobbing paint a surface and making people, aliens and genuine awe in a film that is absolutely mind blowing. A visual knock out

Father and daughter try to reconnect during his hospital stay- both remembering the same incident from years before. This is a sweet little film that has an unexpected kick in the ass emotional ending.
This is an Oscar nominated film.

(see above)

Various voices, Hitler, Trump speak  to us as we race down the trd to ruin past various landmarks. Stunning animation is married to a gut punch audio track that makes you sit up and think  as well as feel. That the film goes on for roughly a quarter of its running time past the end of the image is  beautiful turn that forces us to consider hat is being said without distraction. On of the best of this bunch

Visually stunning film of different people making ramen. A glorious one minut film.

Truly amazing two minute short about a animal maestro- its to short and too wonderful to ruin- just see it.

Hands down one of my favorite films of 2020. This short begins with person falling off a tall building and a caped superhero rescuing them- what happens after that you’ll have to see for yourself, but it ponders a lot of questions such as do superheroes ever tire…. It’s a wicked five minutes and glorious on every damn level

Digital manipulation of the sound and images of a man creates a trippy experience that pushes the envelope about what you think of as animation.

a short commercial like song . Amusing

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