Saturday, February 29, 2020

Rooftops (2020)

Rooftops is a sweet little film. The story of a rising singer going home and seeing her old friends for a day is a small gem of a film. The world is changing for Rachel and everyone knows it but she is going to try and hang on to her friends as best as she can.

While there isn’t much of a plot, outside of the opening moments where Rachel meets a fan, the whole film is pretty much a bunch of friends sitting around talking. While there is always dangerous if the people doing the talking aren’t compelling. That’s not the case here where everyone all seems to be long time friends who are hanging out. It almost feels like director Bruce C. Bradbury III went to a group of friends and gave them some loose notes and said just go. The result is a film that very much alive, so much so I would be curious if this could be expanded into a feature film. I say this partly to see where it goes but more because I want to spend more time with the people in it.


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