Friday, July 9, 2021


 I am wondering why this nifty little crime film hasn't gotten more play. Yea I know DOWNEAST has played festivals but its good enough that that I would have thought it would have made larger waves.

The plot has a lobster man trying to keep himself and his family out of the reach of the local crime boss. The problem is his dad keeps gambling, an old flame is back in town and there are drugs floating around. Will he manage to keep everyone safe and if he does what will be the cost?

This is a  great thriller. Its a film with great characters that grow on you. No one is really cardboard with the result you really feel for all of them- even the bad guys who you want to punch in the face.

The plot is solid. Its perfectly designed so that it hooks us early and pulls us straight through to the end. I love that it all makes sense and there is never a moment where we are wondering why something is happening. More importantly you don't know how it's going to end or who is going to stay alive to the end credits roll. (And I am not saying a lot lest I give a twist or two away)

What an absolute gem.

Highly recommend - its one of the unexpected pleasures of 2021

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