Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The answer to the Rotten Tomatoes question

 I am posting this for no other reason other than to be able to point toward the answer to the number one question I get asked which is "WHY AREN'T YOU ON ROTTEN TOMATOES?"

The answer is that I write for my own website. They say in the submission instructions they frown on it, but I figured that working for site with over ten thousand posts over eleven years, being accepted at festivals around the world and being quoted in dozens of trailers they might find away around it. The rejection letter added that if I searched out other outlets they would take me in a year or two.

So basically, despite checking all the ticky boxes the only way I will get on Rotten Tomatoes is to stop writing for Unseen and go elsewhere. Of course to do that is to lose the cred of Unseen because people have heard of that  but no so much me.

My one public snide remark is I review one thousand films and work a full time job, when do I have time to search for other outlets.

My one  joke regarding it is "perhaps it's best, this way it won't ruin my inde street cred."

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