Sunday, July 4, 2021

Nightcap 7/4/21- Festivals, past present and future and a note on LEVERAGE: REDEMPTION

After qualifying for the Oscar's Kohima is heading to LA Shorts.

Happy July 4.

As we celebrate the nations birthday I’m going to pick up the pieces after Tribeca and the various events of the last few weeks.


I’m still trying to sort out how Tribeca went. The shifting nature of the festival of this year made it odd, and so I’ve forgiven  it some problems. However I see some other problems that shouldn’t have happened (for example the kerfuffle involving a member of the press who quit covering the fest via twitter) and I wonder if the issues will be there next year.

I do know that I’m kind of worried about where the fest is going to go since the festival dropped FILM from its title. Film was what made the festival and will the seeming sidelining of it mean the fest is something else? Its hard to get a bead on where its going because the virtual nature of this year’s press  coverage made it hard to know what the fest will be like when we return to the trenches. What I mean is because of the virtual nature I did not interact with many people with the fest as I do when it’s in person.

I do know that I miss the in person and if the fest doesn’t go back to in person coverage I will have to rethink how I cover it next time since not going into the city allowed me to see more films, if massively reduced the excitement and wow factor.


As those of you who have been  emailing me know we are now four weeks and five days until the start of the New York Asian Film Festival.  I am mentioning this because I’ve gotten several emails asking what I knew about titles, schedule and tickets. People are worried because other than the announcement of dates there has been no word and there is nothing on the Film at Lincoln Center for the Festival website.

While I have had conversations with people from both Lincoln Center and NYAFF I have nothing I to report other than an announcement is expected very soon. Actually I was told that an announcement was due this past week but for whatever reason that was pushed back. Other than that there is nothing I can report. I don’t know what the films are or when what will play when.

I know this is making plans difficult for those of you who want to attend to work out your schedules, especially for the people who were considering splitting time between NYC and Montreal for Fantasia, but I would say go with what you know. 

I’m expecting some sort of preliminary release will come this week, however I can’t be certain.

For those wondering the  festival is going to be both virtual and in person. The virtual will be through the Lincoln Center Virtual platform. I am not sure where the screenings will be because of Lincoln Center’s NYFF 58 Redux series- though it will have some screenings at SVA on 23rd street.


Just a heads up The North Bend Film Festival starts July 15 both in person and virtually and there are a lot of great films playing. I’ll have more coming soon, but you should look into getting tickets because you are certain to find something you will like. I will have a ton of reviews and a suggest watch list starting next weekend so belt in.

Details here.


The restart of the series LEVERAGE, LEVERAGE REDEMPTION is hitting Amazon Prime tomorrow. I was a fan of the original series so I had to see the new one. While the first episode is severely weakened by setting everything up, the episodes that I saw  that followed were good. Not as good as the original series but entertaining enough to say that if it were on TV  I wouldn't turn it off, which says a great deal.

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