Wednesday, July 14, 2021

No Ordinary Man (2020) Opens July 16

A look at the life of jazz musician Billy Tipton whose life and legacy was mangled upon his death by the press who viewed it him as simply a woman trying to be a man to get work. However thanks to to the trans community Tipton's life and legacy becomes something  much more important and vital.

I am out, of necessity, going to keep this piece on this excellent film brief. I say that because I went in for to the film expecting a straight forward biography of Tipton and instead was presented with a rich and thought provoking film that up ended my expectations. This is a film that needs and deserves a very long piece going into detail about Tipton, his place in the trans community, how the media didn't and doesn't handle matters of being trans well, and the effect of everything on Tipton's son. It's a head and heartful o material  that has set my mind spinning.

It's spinning so much that I know I need another go through in order to properly write it up.

This is a must see...and see again. 


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