Monday, July 26, 2021

Sabaya (2020) Opens Friday

 The sabaya of the title are the Isis sex slaves they take from the lands the conquered.  They grabbed young women and brutalized them for their pleasure. Using a mobile phone and a gun, Mahmud, Ziyad and other volunteers from the Yazidi Home Center go into the  camps holding Isis warriors and their families and attempt to find and grab the sabaya being hidden inside.

Watching the film I was initially thinking that the film was going to be the a simple recounting of the efforts to get the women out of the camps.  However as I was watching the film I realized that the film was actually something much more frightening. Its a chilling cat and mouse game that never really ends.

I loved  this film. I loved that the film went from my watching this and pondering the rest of Sundance to  just staring at the screen and repeating several sequences because I just had to see them again.

This is a great film. Its a story of good people trying to help free people from the darkness. I can't recommend it enough.

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