Friday, January 25, 2019

Finding the Asshole (2019) Slamdance 2019

Finding the Asshole is a series of short films premiering at Slamdance and on line at the same time. The films are unconnected other than they riff on bad behavior.

In the three episodes made available for the press one was set in a fancy gallery, another concerned people walking down the street and the third riffed on party bad behavior in the style of a horror film.

How you react to the films is going to be determined by how you react to the tones of each segment. I say this because my reaction shifted according to the presentation. I liked each for differing reasons and to differing degrees. I will say I liked the first and third ones more than the second.

You will forgive me for not going into deep discussions of the film, but they are the sort of films that you need to see before you read a discussion. What I have to say may influence how you take the films, which isn't fair since the films should stand on their own, they are good enough to do so and don't really need me inflating them. The films are also short enough that there is no reason for you not to see them for yourself.

If you are looking for something unique and one of a kind, which I assume you are since you are reading Unseen Films, then Finding the Asshole is for you.

Episode One is screening at Slamdance. All three episodes are available today here.

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