Friday, January 25, 2019

In brief: DESOLATION CENTER (2019) Slamdance 2019

DESOLATION CENTER follows the tale of the Los Angeles based collective that sought to put on quality punk rock shows that the Los Angeles Police wouldn't raid. The eventually hit on the idea of doing shows in the desert. It was a move that would lead to Burning Man and other desert festivals.

An intriguing subject gets an okay treatment thanks to some organizational skills that seems to be the result of the filmmakers being too close to the subject. Yes, the filmmakers know what they are talking about but there is sense that we are coming into something after missing the first ten minutes. Several times in the film things are not explained beginning with why exactly was the police raiding the various shows? The only explanation given was that Daryl Gates was evil, but there has to be more.

While I liked what is in the film I constantly felt like I was just missing something. Worth a look for LA punk fans, all others should hope for slightly revised edition that makes things a bit clearer.

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