Thursday, January 24, 2019

Late Night Chills Animation First 2019

This is not so much horror as something dark and at times melancholy. Often working without a solid narrative these tales all make sense on their own and all are stunningly beautiful and demand to be seen big.

A l’Intérieur (Inside)
A teleportation goes really wrong and someone ends up inside....but that would be telling.

Beautifully animated, haunting, and in a way incredibly sad film about a pack of dogs on living near an abandoned apartment block. It is a perfect mix of mood and pay off.

Eye catching visually delightful awes inspiring "Oh my God" inducing tale of evolution or mutation. I have no words other than see this-preferably as big as possible. Possibly the first film that I've seen that will end up on my best of 2019 list.

Mon homme (poulpe) (My Man (Octopus)
A woman visits her husband (boyfriend?) an octopus. Visually interesting but strange.

I am not sure what this is beyond beautiful. A couple, an ethereal cat bird thing, a ruins, and some creatures and lots of magic.

A robot becomes hooked on a certain drug... really good scifi tale with scary implications about addiction and needing the next thing...

Very short film about interpersonal relationship that either grabs you or doesn't. To me it's the weakest film in this collection

As a woman reconnects with her ex, plastic bags begin to come to life and kill people.
Way creepier than you think, this is a mini masterpiece on the order of the legendary Lights Out Radio show about a giant chicken heart which was damn freaky.

The film XIAN was not given to me for screening

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