Saturday, January 12, 2019

In Our Heads (2019)

Madison Campione is a filmmaker who needs to be on your radar. She is a filmmaker of great talent and greater promise.

How good is Campione? When I received an email asking if I wanted to see her new film I said yes. How could I not, her previous film REMEMBRANCE was a nifty little thriller that I highly recommend.

IN OUR HEADS is the internal and external behavior of people at a party. We listen to the thoughts of each as they navigate the party and try to connect.

Directing with a sure hand Campione takes an idea that we’ve all probably seen before some other  form and makes it something special. Focusing on a small moment in time she connects us not only to the moment but the greater truth about how we only know what is going on inside us and what we think isn’t always what is so. The result is a lovely little film.

Recommended when the film plays a festival near you.

And please do yourselves a favor and put Madison Campione on your list of directors to watch. Trust me, she is soon going to be springing into the spotlight and you'll want to be able to say you've been following her since the start.

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