Thursday, January 24, 2019

Animation First 2019- Assorted Shorts

Here is brief word on some of the short films playing at Animation First. I am grouping them the way I am because I did not have access to every film in all of the collections. I am also giving you some notes on the Annecy Collection. All of the selections in that collection are good and are better seen than discussed, but the selection has an age restriction for good reasons. 

Ultimately just buy tickets and see them all.


Classic short about an octopus, a truck and a rescue. Trust me this film will make your life. (No really it is that good)

Death's sensitive son wants no part of the family business. Ghoulishly funny film maybe a tad graphic for some but its all in good fun.

Une Bombe Par Hasard
Pointed classic about a deserted town the villagers have abandoned because of a bomb- but who return when a stranger starts tossing money around.

La Traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame
A lovely little film about a couple who leave their home in New York and then set out across the sea in a row boat. An award winning film with images that will haunt you.

I have seen all of the film in the Best of Annecy collection and there are some stunners in the collection. It has some of the best films in the entire Animation First festival  and is recommended for older viewers without reservation.

I am not going to do what I’ve done with all of the other shorts I’ve seen at the festival and mention every short because to be honest most of the films defy my ability to adequately describe them. They are all mini masterpieces that should be seen and experienced rather than read about. Besides what I have to say about several of the films cannot be contained in a short blurb, which is what they would have ended up getting.

I do want to point out that I mentioned older viewers at the top and I am serious about that. There are several films in this film which might disturb kids or result in possible uncomfortable discussions with their parents ( EGG has disturbing images involving anorexia, CYCLISTS has simulated sex and HYBRIDS as graphic CGI gore). If you are okay with that I highly recommend this collection

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