Wednesday, January 9, 2019

IFC is running a lot of Oscar contending films starting Friday (HALE COUNTY, OF FATHERS AND SONS, ON HER SHOULDERS, DISTANT OF BARKING DOGS and THE SILENCE OF OTHERS)

To tie into the upcoming Oscar nominations The IFC  Center is running a bunch of the documentaries from the short list starting Friday. Because there are a number of films up coming and because we are running coverage of three festivals this week I'm just going to clump capsules all together with links to the full reviews we previously ran.

HALE COUNTY THIS MORNING, THIS EVENING - stunning slice of life film about life in a small town is absolutely one of the best films of 2018. Nate was rapturous about the film and its reflection of life as lived. (this film is also starting a run at NYC's Metrograph Friday as well)

DISTANT OF BARKING DOGS - Life during wartime in Ukraine is a haunting film where war is not quite here abut always within earshot. A masterpiece.

THE SILENCE OF OTHERS is about the quest for justice in Spain when the whole world wants everyone to just for get. I was glued to the screen waiting to see how it would go.

OF FATHERS AND SONS another one of 2018's best films is a look at jihadist families which are eerily like our own. This film will haunt you.

ON HER SHOULDERS portrait on Noble Prize winner Nadia Murad  who is fighting to help her people who have been marked for extermination by Isis because they are not Muslim and can't be forced to convert.

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