Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ariela Rubin on EXPOSURE (2021) starts it's qualifying run today


Exposure is a documentary of 11 women from a mix of Arabic countries and European countries who go on a North Pole expedition.

Women were chosen based on motivation and commitment, experience wasn't necessary.  The documentary included the training process before they headed to the North Pole. It started two years prior in Iceland to learn how to withstand the cold, and then to Oman, to the desert, for endurance training. 

Exposure shows the struggles and challenges these women faced. The ice is constantly changing in the North Pole, so these women experience a lot of fear that at any moment the ice could break from under them. One mentioned she wrote her will before she went on the expedition, and on day one several said goodbye to each other in case they didn't make it. Another challenge (aside from it being -29 degrees) was that they had to be prepared and keep their eyes open in the case of polar bears.

I must say, I loved this documentary. It really captivated me and made me emotional and I even cried a bit. I loved watching everything unfold. It kept me wondering if they would all make it, or if anything bad would happen, and so on. While this mission seemed miserable, especially as we see the ice particles stuck on their eyelashes, I can see that it's also very empowering.

A must-see and stay until the end because there are "where are they now?" moments for some of the women.

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