Monday, December 5, 2022

Rise Of The Beast (2022)


Activists are sent into an animal experimental lab only to find that what is there is something much worse than they could ever imagine.

This mix of genres (action, horror, science fiction) is surprisingly really good. Blessed with a cast that doesn't phone things in and numerous set pieces that crank up the suspense. This is absolutely the sort of film that made me fall in love with B horror and science fiction films. This is the sort of film that would have been a drive-in staple back in the day.

If there is any hiccup in this small delight it's the CGI which is just okay. Yes the monster looks good, but the images of the beasts motion makes it clear that it isn't in the same place as the actors. Its in no ways fatal but it takes away from what should have been a four star popcorn film.

Quibble aside this film is recommended,

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