Wednesday, December 14, 2022

GREAT BASIN (2022) plays the Quad Cinema Starting Friday

This film is a gem. It’s a great looking counter balance to the big films flooding the multiplexes and art house cinemas looking for Oscar gold.

Great Basin is nominally a look at the "loneliest road in America", a stretch of highway in Nevada. The reality is this is a 90 minute trip to another place. This is a film that puts us among the people and places of the highway. We get to know them in a way that makes us feel strangely intimate. After the film these people aren’t strangers but friends. Friends that you will want to revisit.

Helped by gorgeous cinematography that transcends what we see in most films, GREAT BASIN’s images have a tactile quality to them. Watching the film you can feel the places we are visiting as if you are there. We can smell it. There are very few films that achieve the genuine sense of “I am in this place” this film achieves. Its such a trip to another place that I am seriously considering making a trip to the Quad Cinema when the film opens Friday just so that I can truly lose myself in a trip down the road.

I am not going to say any more because you will just want to go for the ride.

I absolutely love this film. It’s a film that I stumbled upon and now is something I am looking forward to seeing repeatedly down the road.

Highly recommended.

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