Friday, December 23, 2022

Sea Beast (2022)

I’m at a loss at how this film flew under the radar. Then again I realize that the film is on Netflix which means that it’s theatrical prospects were small. This is a visually stunning film of high adventure of the sort they don’t make any more.

The plot of the film has a bunch of sea faring monster hunters  hunting a giant red sea beast.  They are doing so at the behest of the royal family who have been at war with the monsters for generations. When a stowaway is found on the ship things become complicated. 

Stunning visuals and animation make you wonder why this wasn’t made as a live action film until you realize that in todays world most of it would have been animated anyway since it would have been the only way to do most of the sequences. The designs of everything is eye popping and there is no way they could have done it with out spending a mint of the sets alone.

While I am in awe of much of the film, I’m not certain there is enough here to sustain a two hour feature film.  Yes the set pieces are breath taking, but there is a point some where toward the middle of the film where the film kind of  stops dead as they take too much time to state the obvious that  the monsters are not really dangerous unless you piss them off.  And while I applaud the lesson that war is bullshit and exists only to keep the ruling class in power  the film takes way too long to get there.

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