Thursday, December 15, 2022


MOMMY OR DADDY is a look at the child custody situation in Japan. To say that it is messed up is beyond words. Divorcing parents frequently grab their children and don’t allow the kids to see the other parent. Courts will then side with the parent with custody. This frequently cuts the one parent off from the child and causes alienation. The reasoning is nothing logical, simply it is the way they always did it. More specifically the film is a look at Rie 'Rita' Shishikura, one mother who wants to try and reconnect with her son. We get to know her and the people she meets along the hard road.

This is an eye opening look at how another country treats parents and children. It’s a film that will leave you shaking your head wondering how a seemingly enlightened country can keep a parent from their child and vice versa. It’s clear from the people we meet that kids being torn from their parents does damage to the children which some are trying to help lessen.

Worth a look.

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