Wednesday, December 7, 2022


"Set in New York City amongst the mansions of Riverside Drive, 7 mafia wives from across the country convene at the request of an unknown blackmailer, only to see their united front quickly crumble, exposing romantic relationships, alliances, and ultimate betrayal."-
La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival

I am quoting the synopsis at the top because without it this film is just something that exists as a dance/fashion film that is pretty to look at, but doesn't fully come together.  However if you do read the synopsis you will love the film.

I watched INVICTA without reading the synopsis. If you know me you know I tend to do that with many since I want to see the films knowing as little as possible.  Yes I will try to have some idea but I don't want details that will give the plot away.

I watched the film the first time and I liked it as a dance/fashion film but I didn't fully appreciate it. Once I found out what the plot was everything clicked and it came together. Knowing the plot I loved the film even more. After ward I was talking to a friend who loves dance. She told me  with dance you can't go in blind, you need the synopsis to truly understand what was going on. My mistake.

This is a nifty little dance film. Recommended.

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