Sunday, December 4, 2022

Omar Sosa’s 88 Well-Tuned Drums (2022) Hampton's Doc Fest

Omar Sosa started a percussionist before switching to the piano. Because a piano is essentially a percussion instrument he calls his piano his 88 well tuned drums.

Smashingly good biography of the man and his music. Telling the story of his life growing up in Cuba, where he listened to the forbidden music via radio from Miami that included Earth Wind and Fire, The Commodores, and Elton John, on through his life as an acclaimed musician this is a tale full of hope, joy and music. This glorious film is full of wall to wall music.

One of the things that I loved about this film is that we get to hear how Sosa fell in love with music. We see how being exposed to different types of sounds opened up doors. I think its grand that he talks about loving the jazz he was hearing despite not knowing what he was listening to. Way too often we hear stories of people falling in love with music and spouting off the names, but in my own life, myself and friends more often then not suddenly hear something and fall in love with it, only later finding out what we were hearing. That Sosa did the same thing made his story some how more relatable. He really is just this guy.

This film is a delight from start to finish. If you love music, especially Jazz or anything related to Cuba, this film is a must see.

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