Monday, October 28, 2019

One of the years very best films Gay Chorus Deep South starts in LA on Wednesday and Friday in New York

One of the truly great films of 2019 World premiered  at the Tribeca Film Festival, GAY CHORUS DEEP SOUTH is glorious celebration of the human spirit to build bridges and change minds and reconnect ourselves.

The film follows the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus as they make a tour of the Southern United States to the places that have the worst laws against LGBT people. They are joined by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. The plan is build bridges between people through music.

I have no idea what to say. This film put me somewhere beyond words as tears streamed down my cheeks. The real raw motions of the men and women touched me deeply as they explained their pain, their fear of going back and the joy of reconnecting with families they thought might have been totally lost to them. No, things are not one hundred percent better but doors are cracked open.

Kudos to director David Charles Rodrigues for fashioning a film that is always emotionally perfect by letting us not only get to know the men in the chorus but the people in the towns and along the way such as the various men's family or the three young women, one of whom is afraid of fully coming out. By profiling all sides we get to see that perhaps there is a chance for change.

(And apologies for not discussing what happens but if I start to do so I will tell you everything and the film might seem a little less wondrous)

This film is an emotional masterpiece that must be seen- if for nothing else it will restore your sense of hope in the world.

One of 2019's best films

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