Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Confirmation (2019)

Heartfelt short film takes place on the day of Mathias's confirmation. He just wants to be like any other teenage boy, however his mother is  aware that his being transgender may result in complications.It is about the struggles between mother and son that result when the mother tries to protect her child from the world. While it is something that is done out of love causes all sort of unexpected turns.

That the film doesn't spiral out into soap opera is due in large part to Ellen Hillingsø as the mother and Xean Peake as the son, who always mange to keep the relationship real and centered.  It is because of their bond that the film transcends being just a story to pass the time into something much deeper and richer that hangs with us well after the film has finished.

Currently on the festival circuit, it has qualified for Oscar short  film consideration and is worth your time.

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