Friday, December 3, 2021

Blue Hour (2019) Flash Forward

BLUE HOUR concerns a young filmmaker who is really good at turning out the by the numbers commercials and industrial films that pay her bills. As her endless drinking and really bad romantic choices leave her wondering about her life, she grabs he best friend and they head off on a road trip to her home town where she collides with her family, friends and her life.

Small gem of a film about trying to find ourselves and come to terms with the past so we can go on is sure to delight. This is a beautifully acted film with a real heart and sense of life radiating from it. It has a lived in feel and closeness to reality that many similar films don't really have. Watching the film I kept wondering if director Yuko Hakota lived this as either one of the friends at the center.

You will forgive me for being brief in discussing this film, but to be honest this is a film you need to see more than read about. This is a film that makes you feel and go "ah ha" and has small moments of recognition that hit you emotionally that you really need to experience instead of hearing about.

Highly recommended. 

Thank you to the Japan Society for a great film.

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