Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Most Over Rated and Worst Films of 2021

Every year there are always over rated films. Films that critics fall all over themselves about but which  leave most people scratching their head. 2021 had their share of over rated twaddle. I'm not saying any of these films are bad only that the critical hype around them is out of control.

In my  opinion these are the  Most Over Rated films of 2021:
TITANE - It was supposed to be a deeply troubling film about a woman and a car that was going to scare me for life. It was a John Waters remake of an Ed Wood film remade straight faced by a European director. Its not bad but it ain't high art.

THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH - Joel Coen wanted to put the siloquies back into Shakespearean films but instead made a film where no one is really on screen with anyone else and most of the exposition was removed. A mess.

POWER OF THE DOG lost too much on the way to the screen (All anyone talked about in the interviews were the cut scenes). The result is a one note performance by Benedict Cumberbatch and a film that only comes to life in the final 30 minutes

VELVET UNDERGROUND- This is a good film but it leaves soooo much out.

ANNETTE- I have no idea what to make of this months on. It has moments but its just twaddle

BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONEY PORN-it opens with badly filmed graphic sex and then much of the next hour is one character walking across a city. You could cut the sex (we don't need to see it) and chop this down to a tight 20 minute short that does the same thing. Its just a bad film.

AGNES- possessed nun story was a festival darling but a total waste of time. I don't know anyone who liked it and tons of festival slots.

Normally I note a a couple of bad films each year and I'm done with it- however this year my notes are filled with cinematic badness. The worst films this year that I noted are:

MALIGNANT- Illogical horror film makes no sense even on it's own terms. Even worse it's way too long.

FUN HOUSE- Offensive and unfunny horror film is the sort of thing a psychopath in a lock ward might like if it actually made sense.

TERF WARS-a clip doc supporting JK Rowling's anti trans statements loses its focus and makes no sense.

Will Smith in KING RICHARD is terrible. The movie is a crowd pleaser but Smith gives us no reason to like the man or know why anyone put up with his shit. 

GO THROUGH DARKNESS-Okay not that bad but any documentary that sees a father refusing to allow his son to get an operation so he could see because it will make him less able to play a game that might make them money as a good thing is a bad one.

Dave Chappelle's special should be burned and he should be ignored
MEMORIA is what made it to the screen from 8 hours of material. If some of the missing 6 hours was put back in then maybe this might have made sense. As it stands now you have to buy the hundred dollar or so companion book which explains the entire project for this it make sense, which means it violates my basic thought on a film which is all films must stand alone.

WHAT DO WE SEE WHEN WE LOOK AT THE SKY alleged whimsical romance about lovers who are changed by fate in the way they look and and then have to find each other again is actually a wildly over long film (almost 3 hours for no real reason) that only a pretentious critic could love


FINAL FREQUENCY-no budget scifi film that never works and looks worse

BLUE WHALE- found footage tale of a killer who makes people kill themselves makes no sense

WHEN WE CONSUME YOU a tale of a whiney brother and sister ho drift to the dark side. I dare you to make it to the end.

CITY OF LOST THINGS- one of the most beautifully animated films of the decade makes zero sense story wise

I DON'T FIRE MYSELF- dumb film about a demoted woman working on powerlines in the sticks. Beyond bad. how did this get a festival slot?

WONDERFUL PARADISE while the blood soaked wedding is a highlight of the year (assuming it was in another film) my chief take away from this film was we must stop the director from ever working again and the programmers who chose this for multiple festivals need to be fired.

TOO LATE manager running a comedy club eats the talent. Literal look at how showbiz devours people who get into it is is an unfunny mix of horror and comedy. The romance rocks but the rest bites.

PERFECT DAVID a character we don't care about does things we don't care about in a film we don't care about

AGNES- see above

REFLECTIONS: A WALK WITH WATER a dull and boring plea about water conservation. You'll want to let all your taps run out of spite

SHAPELESS a film about a woman with an eating disorder is set up (and was sold) like a horror film but nothing horrific (or interesting) happens. More intent on creating a mood we disconnect as it soon becomes apparent this is going nowhere.

RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK-next to last Woody Allen film is just awful on so many levels. He's bitched that no one will give him money because of the Mia nonsense- NO- its because he has been making shit like this for years.  Oh how the great man has fallen.

ARMY OF HE DEAD-over long nonsensical zombie heist film is self indulgent crap

WOMAN IN THE WINDOW- this story f a woman who can't leave her apartment seeing something outside is as bad as you heard. Some books can't be adapted into movies.

SOUND OF VIOLENCE- I kind of liked some of this at the start  but the story of a woman who gets orgasmic by the sound of people dying is so badly done and stupid  that by the end when she turns someone into a living boombox you'll want to pluck your eyes out.

A BLACK RIFT BEGINS TO YAWN- pretentious crap about "something" where nothing happens.

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