Sunday, December 5, 2021

Nightcap 12/5/21- BC Wallin's Newsletter and random thoughts


Buster says hello

A few random notes


Good friend and sometimes  Unseen Films contributor B C Wallin is putting out a newsletter on film called “I’d read your articles if you’d send them to me!”. The idea is that he will send you the pieces on films that is writing to you directly so you don’t have to go chasing them down.   I don’t normally like to sign up for those sort of things, but I love Ben’s writing and I keep missing when he posts new pieces so it was a no brainer. Do yourself a favor and sign up because Ben id writing some truly great things. Details here


I’ve been watching film Twitter melt down over the last week as Ansel El--- has stepped into the spot light for West Side Story.  The reason they are melting down was that last year, before the film was originally supposed to come out he was caught trying to pick up under aged girls for sex. The people on Twitter forget that the film was shot long before the charges surfaced so he wasn’t cast in spite of the charges.  Many are calling for a boycott of the film  because of his casting.

If you don’t want to go, don’t go, but don’t blame Spielberg or the studio for his casting, and don’t expect the studio to pony up to remove him from the film digitally just to please you


I apologize to everyone for not having run a review of FLEE. It’s not that I hate the film, as I have mentioned several times I like the film but I am not as over the moon as everyone else.  No one needs me droning on that it didn’t float my boat as high as everyone else


This week I was having a discussion with someone about my festival coverage. They were wondering why I was not going to cover all the films at an upcoming fest they were repping. The answer is that while I will try to cover as many films as a festival as I can there are only a few fests where I will try to see everything. Slamdance, Tribeca, NYFF, Fantasia, DOC NYC, Japan Cuts, NYAFF, Blood in The Snow, Cabane Sang, New York International Children’s Film Fest and one or two more are the fests where I will make an effort to see as much as I can. Those are festivals that mean something to me personally. They are the fests that delight me every year. Most of them have taken up residence in my soul before I was doing Unseen so they are family. They are the festivals I know what is coming and I can block out my time to cover them “completely”. Everything else I cover as best I can- and based on what I want to see. It’s a trade off of time.

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