Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Year end short takes: HUMANS, MINARI, BEAT THE DEVIL and BRUISED

As much as every one has been praising THE HUMANS, I found I was disappointed. Not from the performances or the writing (which I know played better on stage) but from the craft of the film. I could feel the writer/directors hand in every shot to the point it stopped being real. He kept guilding the lilly of the drama which didn't need it

MINARI is the small family drama that many people think should have won all of the Oscars last year.  Finally sitting down to see it recently on cable I found I enjoyed it but I was left wondering about why the mad out pouring of love. Not to sell the film short I’m left to wonder if the critical community was responding to the film being an American  story told largely in Korean.  Again this is not to diminish the film at all, rather I simply think the film was oversold. 

Playwright David Hare talks about his experience wit Covid. The film is a monologue where Ralph Fiennes plays the actor. Allowing that the film was written so it has Hare’s linguistic cadences, Fiennes  has the man down. Having seen Hare on stage in Via Dolorosa a couple of times and seen him speak several times I can honestly say that Fiennes has him down. He has him down to the point that it’s like watching his clone. Performance aside the piece is fantastic and is a must  see for those wanting to see a brilliant piece of theater

Halle Berry directs and stars in a film about a single mom who makes a return to the MMA ring in orfer to get some quick cash and a shot at redemtion. Hile the script is nothing we haven't seen before Berry thee actress and more importantly Berry the director make this something we want to see. Berry has a knack for making scenes that we've seen before work ad engage us. I want to see what she does next.

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