Sunday, December 19, 2021

Shadow Bird (2021)


Every morning in the time between being fully awake and asleep a young girl dreams of spending time with her shadow bird and the mysterious Timekeeper, a man with a clock for a heart. When they don’t appear one morning she must venture into the forest to see what happened to them.

Beautiful dream of film is the sort of cinematic treat that you will want to disappear into. It’s a magical tale whose spell you will hope will never end. This is the very definition of movie magic.

I loved this film. I loved it so much that when it was done I emailed Liz Whittemore to thank her for insisting that I see the film. I foolishly wasn’t planning on covering the film but Liz  put me in a virtual headlock and wouldn’t let go until I said I would watch the film. She was absolutely right- this is a film that will make you feel good.

I know with a lot of shorts I will say that I want the film to be expanded but in this case I don’t. Everything is so perfectly modulated that expanding it would almost certainly result in the loss of the magic. This is a perfect 25 minutes and I don’t want that ever to change.

Highly reommended.

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