Friday, April 22, 2022

9 Bullets(2022)

Retired burlesque dancer turned author jumps into action to keep a young boy safe after he witnesses the murder of his parents. Going on the run the pair is chased by the killers and the mob boss who ordered the hit, her ex.

This is an okay time killer and not much more. Blame the plotting, which doesn’t do anything we haven’t seen before. We’ve seen versions of this over the years  and it’s so ingrained in cinema that Gena Rowland’s got an Oscar nom for Gloria, so it takes a lot to lift a version of this sort of tale up into the truly great. The script doesn’t do enough to keep this absolutely fresh, and while the cast is mostly fine, they don’t have a great deal to work with

While I am not happy with Gigi Gaston as a writer, I am impressed with her handling of the action. This is balls to wall, frightening stuff. There is a visceral quality to it that made me sit up and take notice. Blood flows. I love that she forces the bad guys to react as more than stone cold killers. I mean when was the last time you saw a bad guy hesitate in giving a coup de grace because he was bothered by up close wet work?  Gaston provides some heart stopping moments that are some of the best of recent vintage. Honestly I genuinely want to see Gaston handle a crime drama with a script by another writer.

While the I’m not high on 9 BULLETS I am high on the Gigi Gaston and we need to get her a great writer to work with.

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