Sunday, April 3, 2022

Brief thoughts on Salma's Home (2022) Cinequest 2022

Salma was married to Bakri but they divorced. She strugles to get by and to help her daughter who is having troubles with her husband. When Bakri dies, things that complicated as his current wife shows up on Salma's door because the only money in the estate is the half of the Salma's house he owns.

This is a sweet little film. Its a lovely little film about three women trying to get by and end up finding a family. Yea, it is occasionally can be by the numbers, but at the same time it is  good time with good people.

Definitely worth a look.


  1. Thanks for your review. One of our main goals with this film was to normalize the life of Arab women that is shown on screen. A lot of films from the region can be dominated by stories of oppression and female trauma. We really wanted to go in a different direction and offer an uplifting story to the audience so I am very happy you had a good time watching the film.
    Kind Regards
    Nathan Bennett ( Producer, Salma's Home )

  2. where can I watch this film

  3. when's this film on display in theater