Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Stanleyville (2021) opens Friday


This is going to be short.  Partly because I was asked to do a short review now and longer one later, but mostly because I need time to really ponder this film and find the words to do it justice. 

Nominally this is the story of a woman who runs out on her family and into a contest to win a fancy SUV. The reality is this film is an off kilter examination of life laid out as a kind of spiritual journey.  Its  a film that is operating on a deeper level than it appears on the surface. 

I should mention that the film is slyly funny with some jokes landing a second  two late as you suddenly realize what the joke is.

And I need to  say Julian Richings is magnificent as the man running the contest. He's so good I did not recognize him at first.

This is a truly wonderful film.

Either see it when it opens Friday.

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