Sunday, April 10, 2022

Women Of the White Buffalo (2022)

Women of the White Buffalo is a portrait of nine women in the Lakota nation who are working to take back their heritage and give it life in the present day. As the film makes clear the heritage of the Lakota was stripped away by the whites who conquered them and placed them on reservations. The presents each of the women as direct conduit from the past to the present working to heal the wounds of the past.

Lyric in the telling the film is a kind of tone poem  that is not only trying to tell the stories of the women but create an approximation of the space where the women are operating. They are searching to make the lives of their people by attuning them to a higher purpose and way of thinking. Being connected to one’s culture and history lifts a person up and in many ways make things better because things we see that there is more to life beyond the walls we normally inhabit. Director Deborah Anderson structures her film to be more than just the facts and we are better for it.

This is a sweet film and recommended

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