Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Cabane A Sang's Film contest: The Party Pooper Spectacular


Cabane A Sang’s  Party Pooper Spectacular was an absolute blast. The collection was made fans of the festival who had to follow a few rules:  the budget was limited to $200and it had to be n the  theme of anniversary.  The result was a collection of films that ran the gamut from tasteful to tasteless. From extremely polished to raw and jagged.  All of the films were delightful in their own ways. Actually they were so good as a group that I am hoping that The Cabane A Sang programmers do this again every year from here on in since the films were just so much fun.

The reviews that follow are not in the order they ran rather they are in the order the fest gave them to me.

Le Cambrioleur (The Burglar) :  Concerns a surprise party and I can’t say more, other than to say it doesn’t go right for anyone. Short sweet and to the point. This is one of my most favorite films of the festival. It’s so good I watched it a bunch of times before moving on.

Anniversaire de marde (Shitty Birthday) : Has a gentleman celebrating his dog’s birthday…and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a gross  film that is going to absolutely provoke a reaction – probably disgust

Diner de pauvre (poor people dinner) : A rich family argues at a birthday diner, about politics. This is a a wicked satire with a killer denouncement about what the rich are doing to the rest of us.

Tales of the party pooper monster (Winner of the competition) : Kids are mean to the birthday girl and her wish is for the party pooper monster to come save her. An absolute wicked blast as a little girls bad day turns into the best.

Film de marde (Shitty Film) : A movie about Eric (the director) having no inspiration to make a film for the contest, and calling Cabane A Sange festival head Frank Apache about what to do. This is a nice self referential film.

Cooper’s Ball : A man turns into werewolf after eating the balls of his neutered dog and going for thepeople’s balls. This was an amusing turn.

Pigu: A spoof of Gremlins involving anal sex. Not for all tastes but still amusing.

Traumo based crack: A drug dealer has to film someone taking his new product, however they can only take one… Raw gritty and the wrong sort of lived one, this film has an edge most of the others don’t have.  

Ze Crack: Crackheads go to extreme lengths to get high. This is another raw film that walks the edge between being sad and funny.

Psycho porno: I’m going to defer to the words of Fran Apache on this one “you gotta see it to believe it.”

Diaries of Sgt Gene Killer Donnig: Twisted low brow tale of a Vietnam vet having a flashback and needing to go, really badly.  It’s a film that walks the fine line between funny and gross that will make you wonder how they made it so cheaply.

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