Sunday, April 17, 2022

This Good Earth (2021)

 A look at farming and how we need to change how we do it in order to protect the soil, make better food and end global warming.

I'm not sure what I think of this film. Actually it's not so much not being sure, it's more I'm torn.  While I like what the film has to say about how we farm, and how the large scale farming is destroying the environment, I'm not to certain what I think of the presentation. 

While the film looks great and the film is full of important facts presentation comes off in many ways as if its a polemical infomercial. Everyone look great and speaks with a real urgency  but it all seems like we are being preached to. Yes we need to hear what is being said but there is no room to take it all in, the film simply begins and we are bombarded with facts and figures and pleas to help change what we are doing. 

I'm serious with how the film starts and demands our attention. It starts and we are instantly being fed facts. I felt lost. I actually felt that I had missed the start of the film because the film just starts and goes that I felt a bit at sea. I have no problem with the film doing this but to me it came off as a hard sell and I instantly had my back up. (And I still felt like context was missing)

While the film has an important message I think this is going to play best to the converted.

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