Tuesday, April 19, 2022

And I am done

 This is a quick note about the state of Unseen and the state of Steve.

As this posts we are heading into  a the spring festival season and I’m trying to pull some coverage together for the next eight or ten weeks. This week we have Milwaukee, Cabane A Sang and New Directors, Next week is Hot Docs, the spring Riverside Drive-in Monsterama drive in fest  and a few others I’m pondering if I can find the mental bandwith.  Right now my eyes are focused firmly on Tribeca in mid-June and a couple of the usual suspect fests in the summer and early fall. I have a few new release films to take on within time frame as well. Some of that is wholly new content and some of it is reposts of festival films getting their theatrical or VOD releases.

Right now outside of  festival coverage and films that make me instantly go yes I don’t know how much many new releases I will cover in the ten weeks. Yes I will have new content, I have older films programmed into January of 2023 so I will be able to keep up the film a day, I just am not sure how much new new I can handle right now.

Apologies to anyone looking for constant new releases, however life is starting to intrude and basically I'm close to being broken. Part of it is the day job, which has become increasingly stressful. Part of it is life outside of the office and website, which is complicated. There are things that have to be handled and they are taking my attention. And lastly the maintenance of the website is out of control.There have been too many days in the last  six months where I am simply dealing with emails and behind the scenes stuff. Its stopped being fun. Worse while I have done more with Unseen then I had any right to expect, I still haven’t been able to make this go as I wanted it to and I'm feeling crushed.

I’m toasted six ways to Sunday.

I don’t really like what I’m writing. Yes, when the mood hits me, when I see a film that blows my mind I find the passion again, but so much isn’t doing it for me.

I need to back off and try and find my passion.

Right now I’m going to  to deal with the passion fests and the passion films. I’m giving myself until the New York Film Fest to figure it out.  If I can find it in my soul I will  continue on. If not I’m going to change things after DOC NYC and then decide to stay or go by the 13th anniversary next year.