Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Ode to Nothing (2021)

If you want to see a creepy little gem, one that will get under your skin and stay there then see ODE TO NOTHING a dark little tale that is just black.

The film concerns a woman who runs a funeral parlor. Business is so bad she is on the verge of losing everything to loan sharks. When a body comes her way, under less than above board means, her business begins to turn around. She also begins to have an unnatural relationship with the cadaver.

Slow brooding without a lick of blood and gore, yet full of unpleasant feelings, ODE TO NOTHING is a welcome respite for anyone who wants their horror thoughtful yet deeply disturbing. Things happen in due time. A mood is created and tension builds and builds with no jump scare to release it. This is a film that sits with you and makes you feel wrong. Rarely has any horror film ever made me feel so off that I went off to find something else that was light and airy and funny to clear my head. I was disturbed.

A word of warning: This film is more art house than grind house. I say this because a slow and monotonous fifteen minutes pass before events begin to happen. The pacing is deliberate and if you can't go with it you are going to hate the film.  On the other hand if you can go with the slow pace this film will knock your socks off.

Highly recommended for anyone who thinks they can click with its rhythms.

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