Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sex Freedom in Germany (1970)

What happened to good old fashioned German morals? - narrator

Mondo style documentary on sex in Germany is intercut with a couple frolicking.

Screened around the world in 1970 and hitting US screens in 1973, right before hardcore porn hit the mainstream, this is an amusing time capsule back to a time when a little nudity was daring and anything more was shocking. This film has a little bit more and probably was frequented by lots of men in raincoats...

The film's informational segments include a trip to a condom factory who has once called Anti Baby Condom (ABC), an expose of the German Sex Party, group sex, a couple that performs naked music at the local bar, a discussion between erotic art and porn, transgendered women, lesbians, a defrocked priest trying to prevent young men from turning tricks at bus stops, a gigolo, a high class adult book store and a few others. Everything is set to some really good German rock music.

I was amused. I was entertained and I had a good time.

Is it titillating? Not particularly, but it is strangely informative. Granted we've moved on in the last 40 years but it's amusing to see where the cutting edge once was... about where the cutting edge of TV is today.

Don't get me wrong the film isn't tame, this is still very much an adults only film, it's simply that we've moved on from this being shocking.

Something Weird has put the film out on DVDR and down load with some racy films at the end , including one of a performance artist who paints with her naked body.. You'll be amused.

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