Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back: Film Finds of 2013

With all the movies I see every year I run across a bunch of films that may not be the best, are from the worst and have something about them that make them the sort of things that you don't want to be forgotten.  Actually many of these films almost made my over long best of the year list. With that in mind here is a long list of films I saw this year that you'll want to track down

Kon Tiki- This Oscar nominee is a truly grand adventure even if you know how it all comes out

Hey Krishna- Atypical (by western standards) animated film from India with Krishna beating one demon by biting her breast, has another demon singing about her honey pot and lots of death. Its not your typical kids film and yet perfect for kids.

Wolf Guy- WTF Sonny Chiba film is part action film, part werewolf film and completely crazy.

Journal de France is  a great look back on the career of Raymond Depardon. Its part history lesson and part celebration and all wonderful.

Point the Finger of Death WTF one armed swordsman film is pure popcorn joy.

Away with Words - Christopher Doyle's odd ball film about words and communication is absolutely delight and somehow transcends every flaw to be a wonderful magical film. Why doesn't Doyle direct more?

Color of the Chameleon- Off kilter Bulgarian film about a scoundrel who denied the ability to be a government snitch starts his own government agency. Don't think about it and just go with it.

The Rocket after the critics screening everyone turned to each other floored by what they had just seen. How could no one have been raving before this? Well this opens in a couple of weeks and if you know what 's good for you you'll  go see it. (Tribeca's audiences gave it the audience award)

How to Sell Drugs smart ass title turns eveything you think you know on its head. One of the best films on the war on drugs you'll find.

The Parade The story of a man trying to hold a gay rights parade in a city where gays regularly get beaten up. Funny, joyous and incredibly sad that people hate so much. Another film you need to track down.

Countdown- Morality tale disguised as horror film

Litan-WTF horror film that amazes as it chills.

Letter from a Dead Man- art cinema as it should be, no, this end of the world tale is how films should be

Last Tycoon- Chow Yun Fat's return to form

Going up the Stairs- Portrait of Arkram, an Iranian who is a grandmother and an artist. We should all be so lucky as to know someone like her.

Every Blessed Day- Opening film of the Open Roads series of Italian film is a wonderful romance.

Kirstin Lives in LA Hysterically funny web series is frequently wrong in all the right ways. Andy Viner is a genius. Would someone please get him a huge huge budget.

Across the River- horror film as tone poem

After School Midnighter in a battle of monsters vs little girls, bet on the little girls.

Grand Heist think Oceans 11 as period Korean film. Great fun

Jack Attack- scary short film

The Wolverine an intelligent comic movie full of great action. Damn near one of the greatest comic film ever made.

The Great Gatsby Technically one of the best films of the year, I'm keeping it off the best of the year list because the flash overwhelms the story. But in someways this is the first film to nail certain aspects of the story.

Costa De Morte wonderful portrait of a landscape. A must see on the big screen.

Le Weekend A weekend with an English couple on the rocks. Funny touching and Jeff Goldblum (This is coming in March)

Sutros at Lands End portrait of a place I wish I could have seen in its hayday

Reaching for the Moon true story of two women in love. Its a film that stays in your heart and grows. Way better and more real than Blue is the Warmest Color

The Manor is a portrait of a dysfunctional family that runs a strip club.

Magical Universe a great examination of the need to create

Death Metal Angola portrait of the healing power of music

Qissa dark fairy tale of the danger of fighting fate

Ankon Dekhi portrait of a man who decides only to accept what he experiences. Great mix of good people and great thought

Anima State Thought provoking film is why I go to the movies

Baby Blood dark sick twisted horror film about a woman driven to get blood for the beast inside her

Derby and Groma the search for two performers in found photos becomes and examination of how we remember.

Revenge of the Meekons- portrait of the band that still chugs along for the love it This may very well be one of the best films of the year- but I'm still hedging.

The Act of Killing a deeply disturbing look at murder and the lies we tell ourselves. Probably one of the best films of the year.

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