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An off week doesn't give me much to discuss. I've posted any reviews I had floating around.  I'm in the midst of holiday nonsense and trying to work ahead on Chinese New Year and our Zatoichi project.  I'm also picking up an odd movie here and there but I'm not sure what will get reviewed. Short of getting a fist full of screeners I'm not going to be able to catch up with all of the major films I've missed. I do have some films slated to be seen for 2014 waiting to be seen, but nothing I can report on now. I am at work on my year end lists...

Right now the best I can do is report on some up coming film events:

GKIDS (aka the releasing arm of The New York International Children's Film Festival is celebrating 5 years of releases with screenings at the IFC Center. Reviews of everything except Elinor's Secret and TAles of the Night can be found here at Unseen. For tickets go here

In addition to the two big up coming festivals, Dance on Film and The Jewish Film Festival  Lincoln Center has a few good things coming up:

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: OSCAR HOPEFULS DECEMBER 20 - JANUARY 2, 2014 Two-week series gives audiences a chance to discover, and rediscover, acclaimed and noteworthy foreign film selections and all 15 documentary contenders shortlisted for this year’s Academy Awards®

IN NO GREAT HURRY:13 LESSONS IN LIFE WITH SAUL LEITER Opens on Friday, January 3, 2014. I saw this at DOC NYC and I liked it. I never reviewed it then except in passing. If I can manage it I'll get one up before the film starts. Its worth seeing.

CELINE AND JESSE FOREVER January 3-9 Film series celebrates Richard Linklater’s beloved trilogy with screenings of BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET and BEFORE MIDNIGHT, as well as Linklater’s WAKING LIFE

A 21 retrospective of Polish films will start February 5th with stopss in 30 cities in the US and Canada. Details will follow.

For details on all of these check the Film Society Website.
Coming from Rufus and Grady of the New York Asian Film Festival- Totally 80's Movie Freak Out on January 18- six secret movies in an all day marathon at New York's Anthology Archives. I have no idea what they have planned but I trust their programming skill completely so I'll be there.
And now links
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