Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to Beak into Yiddish Vaudeville (2014) New York Jewish Film Festival 2015

Shane Baker explains Vaudeville, Yiddish Vaudeville and his life. Done in a style of Neon animation the film is a kind of illustrated lecture.

An amusing look at the art form of Yiddish Vaudeville is hurt by the visual style of having someone draw images of the things that Baker is saying.  While the style is fine for awhile  by the half way point I stopped watching and just sat and listened to the story.

The story on the other hand is very funny and very informative. This is the story of a pretty much long gone art form told by a master storyteller. Its a film that will make you smile as stories of Sophie Tucker and others are recounted.

As something to watch it's okay. As something to listen to and as a record of a dying art form it great.

The film screens January 28th with Natan.For tickets and more information go here.

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