Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flying Man (2014)

What if a flying vigilante with super strength showed up and started killing off bad guys? How would the world, how would the bad guys, react?

Marcus Alqueres' film is a truly great superhero story takes things into all sort of unexpected places. Yea the stories of the comics are fun to read, but what would happen if it really happened? What would the police do, what would the crooks? This film gives us an idea.

Apparently the response to the film has been so good that a feature film maybe coming. I'm both happy about that and a little frightened. I'm happy because the film is the work of filmmakers with a load of talent who have made a film that deals with a lot of questions that have always been hanging around in the mind of most superhero fans. On the other hand I'm afraid that expanding the story will lead to missteps and a lessening of effect. What I can hope for is that the studio heads stay well enough away and just let the guys make the damn film.

One of the best superhero films I've ever seen.

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