Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Manny (2014)

This look at champion boxer Manny Paquiao is a solid film

The film nicely tells the story of Manny from days growing up in poverty to the climbing to the top of the boxing world and a congressman. The film has interviews with all of the right people who tell all the right stories. We are nicely drawn into Manny's life and world

I am a big boxing fan. I will watch a match where and when I can find it. While I am not the best with names- I'm best if I've seen some one on HBO, Showtime or ESPN, I am well aware of the prowess of the great Manny Paquiao. To be perfectly honest I have been a fan of Manny's since I first saw him back however many years ago. To that end I was aware of a good chunk of his story however MANNY filled in some of the holes I had in my knowledge of things Paquiao.  Its a film that provides a lot of details that even a serious fan may not know. I for example didn't know a great deal about his early days boxing by saying he was an older fighter.

Filled with lots of fight footage as well as interviews the film mostly keeps the balance between the talk and the action.

If the film has any flaws its that the film some times cross the line from fair documentary into hagiography with the narration and the occasion image making Manny seem like he's too perfect a guy.

Recommended for anyone interested in Manny or the sport of boxing.

The film opens Friday inn select theaters and on VOD

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