Monday, January 12, 2015

The Dune (2014) New York Jewish Film festival

Don't get your hopes up he's only in it for about 90 seconds if that

I am kind of puzzled about how to explain this film. The problem is the construction of the film is so deliberate that trying to explain I run the risk of wrecking the film. However in order to give you something to go on I will say that  the film concerns a detective trying to sort out the case of a man who ends up washed up on a dune. There is way more to it than that with lots of ideas and themes running through the film but that should get you started.

This is a very moody, brooding film that looks great, is wonderfully acted and if you're very patient is a very nice little film. This is not a big and booming film, rather it is quiet and reflective. Its a film were silences and looks say a great deal and any words are used sparingly and economically for maximum effect. If you don't like that sort of thing stay away.

Because the film is so deliberately structured I find it hard to discuss the film.

I will say I like the film. I will also say that it took me a while to click with it.  I think the best description for the film is that it's a short story instead of a novel.  There aren't grand thematic sweeps but small issues being addressed.

I like it but when it was done I was ready for something meatier.

Worth a look when the film plays January 15th. For details and tickets you can go to the film's festival page here.

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