Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nightcap 1/11/15 Remembering Taylor Negron, roundtable discussions and Randi's links

I am sadden by the passing of Taylor Negron. He may never have been a well known name but he was a well known face. He was frequently the bright spot in many an iffy movie. He was also a great comic and great storyteller.

Perhaps the best way to remember him is to listen to him tell a story...

Thank you to Randi for telling me of his passing and sharing the link above.
This week’s Night cap is mostly video. Randi ran across the Hollywood Reporter roundtables on the various best of the year films and performances and sent me the links. If you want som interesting discussion you may want to give some or all of them a look see.

Earlier today we started our coverage of the New York Jewish Film Festival. Look for the films of the day to be films from the festival. When that ends in about two weeks we’ll be going back to covering short films. I should also point out that as part of the NYJFF mix there will be some coverage of shorts playing the festival.

This week is going to be crazy busy- look for some short films from Hubert, coverage of some new releases coming to theaters at the end of the week as well as a couple more of  the films playing at the Museum of the Moving Image's First Look Festival. It will be multiple posts every day.
Stray thought-

I saw INTERSTELLAR this week.

I was considering writing it up as an On Further Review piece, but I find I have almost nothing to say, it's a silly, over-hyped film.  It's Nolan trying to remake 2001 as a pumped up B film. Its not really worth noticing.
And as always we’re ending with Randi’s links

Evelyn Nesbit-Super Model
Mark Schultz melts down about FOXCATCHER
The Magna Carta
Tomm Moore on SONG OF THE SEA
There She Is!! complete and what it is
2000 ping pong balls and mouse traps
Gravity Falls intro

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